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Light Painting

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Light Painting is a fun way of bringing out a different look in things.  First thing that you need is a room that is totally dark.  For this picture I used a black cloth background.  Using my Canon 5D Mark II set on Bulb mode with an aperture of F32 and an ISO 0f 100,  I kept the shutter open for 13 sec.  My lens was a Canon 180mm macro.  The camera was mounted to a tripod and I pre-focused on the flowers and then set the focus to manual.  Using a shutter release cable with the room lights off I opened the shutter and then turned on a flash light and fairly quickly moved it over the flowers only in the areas that I wanted to show up in the final photo.  Turn flashing light off, close shutter, and then turn lights on.

Another Light Painting. This time I used a mounted Merganser duck that I had against a black cloth background.  Same technique as above only difference was the lens. I used a Canon 24-105mm lens with my shutter only open long enough to do my light painting. 

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